The Valley of Scouting and The Rock Land of Scouting Both named by Sleman’s Scouting (The Journey of Wedi Ombo – Gunung Kidul)

Senin, 30 Maret 2009

This time the adventure of Sleman’s scouting took place in Gunung Kidul, we got there at dark, maghrib at Saturday, December 13th, 2008. We started the journey after isya to get the top of land we seen. Our number just ten and never knew the route of this land before, and the ocean water become its rise-time so we had to walk at the edge of it. We were breaking through the bushes to get the stright line of the top of land, up and down hill until we arrived to the top of land, but less of minutes, our leader was instructing us to get the other side higher land, so we had to move again breaking through the bushes until we found the valley. The Valley was about 50 meters of depth and about 20 meters of width and about 70o of slope. So we used our rope to go down to the bottom of valley one by one, the bottom of it is the river that the water flowed to the south ocean. We named this valley was the valley of scouting because this valley first time we met in Wedi Ombo land and we gone down to its bottom. Then we climbed hill to get to the top of it, it was so exciting.

At midnight we arrived in the other higher land even we separated in two groups but we met again in the top of the land. In this place, we were seeing the great south ocean in the bright of the moon and hearing the sound of nature and when we were laying down on the surface of rock, we seen the moon and the bright of stars and once we seen the meteor moved in the sky and it was so beautiful. Subhaanallah

At dawn after we take early-morning prayer we set all of our equipments and prepared to continue the adventure of its land. We decided to move in the edge of the land because it is nearer then it was. We met beach and not far of it we met a lot of rock until we met the rock island, it was so beautiful because a lot of it was just standing-rock and once the ocean wave hit it and a lot of algae grown on it. We called it, the rock land of scouting. In this land our guy injured because hit by ocean wave and almost taken by it, but thanks to God he can survive from it by grab the rock around him. We were in that place about fifteen minutes and then continued to get the Wedi Ombo’s beach and before we got there once again we met the end of valley found last night and we took a bath and drunk the water and we took doha-prayer in this place and then we moved again, down and climb the rock in the edge of land. About 9 a.m. we arrived in the Wedi Ombo’s beach.

At 11 a.m. we were continuing to go to the bat island, meanwhile the rain fall down we still move in untill we met the river among higher lands and in that place we played for a while and prayer in this place and then we continued to go to the island behind the hill. About 1.30 p.m. we were going to starting point and about 4.30 p.m. we prepared to go back to Jogja.

(The Journey’s team - never ending adventure)

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